Sharjah: Landlords Prohibited From Annual Rent Hikes

As per new laws in Sharjah, landlords cannot make annual increases in rents. Residents can report to the municipality if their landlords try to adjust house rents every year. New tenants have a three-year protection period during which landlords cannot hike rents. Once the initial tenure is complete, if the tenant chooses to renew the contract, the rent can be increased at the time of renewal. However, further increase will only be permitted every alternate year.

The head of the Rent Dispute Settlement section of the Sharjah Municipality, Salim Abdullah Al Kaabi, said the rent cap was not a new rule. An existing law has been in place for this since 2007, and the latest announcement was being made as a reminder since many people seemed unaware about it. This was done following complaints from many residents in Sharjah about landlords having increased rents by as much as 50 per cent.

Sharjah residents can complain against rent increases that do not follow this rule by reporting it to the municipality hotline (993) or by visiting the office of the Sharjah Rent Regulation Department in Industrial Area 5.

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